Stolen Vehicle Collides with LA Metro Gold Line Train Then Hits House

Stolen Vehicle Collides with LA Metro Gold Line Train

LOS ANGELES (FEBRUARY 20, 2019) - While attempting to evade police, the driver of a stolen car collided with a train in a Highland Park neighborhood on Wednesday evening.

Police were following a stolen Lexis near the 100 block of North Avenue 56 near the Highland Park Station.

As the driver of the Lexis was attempting to lose police, the car was struck by an oncoming Metro Gold Line Train as it approached Avenue 56.

The impact sent the car careening into an SUV and ultimately into the garage of a nearby home.

Police found four suspects in the stolen Lexis, a male driver and three female passengers. After the crash, the suspects continued attempts to flee police.

The male driver fled on foot and a female passenger left the vehicle but was immediately detained by police. The accident trapped two more female passengers in the vehicle.

All four suspects in the Lexis were eventually taken into police custody.

One of the female suspects was treated at the hospital for back pain.

It is unclear whether there were more injuries or if any people were in the SUV.

The Lexis was reported stolen in Pasadena three days before the accident and the driver actually lived three miles from the scene.

Investigation and scene cleanup disrupted Metro train service between the Southwest Museum and South Pasadena stations for several hours. Buses transported the displaced train passengers to their destinations.

All train service was back to normal by 7 pm.

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