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Uber accident claims

A car accident is probably the furthest thing from your mind, especially when you’re not even the one who’s driving. If you’ve called an Uber for a lift, being involved in a crash is likely the last thing you’d expect. But Uber accidents do happen, and sometimes, passengers can suffer injuries as a result. In […]

uber car accident passenger

Ridesharing has exploded in popularity. Many consumers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California rely on companies like Uber to provide cost-effective and reliable transportation. Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that your Uber might be involved in a serious accident. Alarmingly, a study published by MIT Technology Review found that Uber and Lyft may […]

Lyft Accident Claims

If you are in a car accident that involves you as one driver and a private citizen as the other driver, you may have a fairly developed understanding of how to navigate the claims process. But if you are involved in an accident with a Lyft vehicle, you may be less confident about how to […]