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mild traumatic brain injury settlements

What are mild traumatic brain injury settlements worth? Let's discuss. Suffering a head or brain injury in an accident can be an understandably terrifying experience. These are the types of injuries that can alter the course of your life. You could be struggling with cognitive abilities like memory, attention, and concentration. You could also be […]

Neurological Injuries Following a Car Accident

At Starpoint Law, LC, we know just how devastating a car accident can be. Having neurological injuries after a car crash can further complicate matters and make it even more difficult to work or participate in daily activities.  If you suffer from a neurological disorder caused by a car accident, our attorneys can help you […]

brain and head injury compensation claims

Your life could be turned around when you suffer a head injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Depending on the severity, there may be physical, financial, and emotional consequences. Under California law, you do have rights to seek monetary damages through a brain injury compensation claim. As a victim, your first questions may […]

Average Settlement for Concussion

Head injuries should always be taken seriously. If a person is showing possible symptoms of a concussion, they should receive immediate medical attention. According to the latest information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 3 million Americans visit the emergency room with concussions or related head injuries every year. It […]