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bereavement leave california

Did you know that only five states offer bereavement leave, leaving millions of U.S. workers without access to this valuable protection? Fortunately, California has specific bereavement leave laws that provide eligible workers with time off to grieve, attend funerals, and handle other post-death matters. The loss of a loved one is a profoundly personal and emotional […]

workplace bullying california

Have you ever dreaded going to work because of a colleague or manager’s behavior? Does someone constantly demean you, sabotage your work, or create a hostile work environment? If so, you might be experiencing workplace bullying or harassment. No one deserves to feel unsafe or belittled at work. Yet bullying and harassment in the workplace […]

california's at will law

Employers wield considerable authority in making workplace decisions. However, this doesn't mean you should accept any unfair treatment they might impose. This also applies if your employer fires you. Even if you were terminated from an employment-at-will job, you might have the option to recover damages from your employer for wrongful termination. No matter your […]

California leave of absence laws

Do you worry about taking time off work for a family emergency? California’s generous leave of absence laws can help. Whether you need to care for a sick family member, welcome a newborn, or recover from an illness, you may be entitled to protected leave without jeopardizing your job. Below, we detail California leave of […]

are employers required to pay time and a half on holidays

Many employees understand they have a legal right to minimum wage, regular meal breaks, and overtime. However, when it comes to national holidays, employees’s rights are often less straightforward. Employees frequently ask: Is asking me to work on a holiday legal? Are there any federal holiday pay laws? Are employers required to pay time and […]

California labor board complaint

California is known for having some of the most extensive labor protections in the country. However, it can be challenging for employees to understand how to exercise their legal rights when dealing with workplace mistreatment.  This blog post will explain how to file a California labor board complaint when facing common employment issues.  Who Handles […]

California wage and hour statute of limitations

What is the California wage and hour statute of limitations? Many non-exempt California employees are unhappy because their employers are not paying them all the wages they deserve. You qualify as a nonexempt employee if you may receive minimum wage and overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  If this situation sounds familiar […]

What Happens to Employees Who Accuse Their Company of Retaliation for Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What happens to employees who accuse their company of retaliation for filing a sexual harassment complaint?” This post is for you. Keep reading to delve into the specific challenges that employees reporting retaliation often face and the legal protections available after filing a sexual harassment complaint, as well as the […]

laid off vs. terminated California

Have you recently lost your job? Are you unsure whether your employer laid you off or terminated your employment? Does something feel “off” about how your former employer handled the situation? At Starpoint Law, our dedicated team of Los Angeles employment lawyers can help you determine if you were laid off vs terminated and whether […]

can my employer force me to be on call

Some employees see on-call shifts as a positive opportunity for extra hours and more pay. Others would prefer to skip it altogether. Dropping everything to go to work when your employer calls can be a major disruption to your life. As employment lawyers, we often hear employees express frustrations about the unpredictability of on-call shifts. […]