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hostile work environment california

The workplace can be many things, but it should never be hostile. Under California and federal laws, your employer can be held liable for your pain, suffering, and financial losses if they condone or participate in harassment that creates a hostile environment.  We can help you win justice if you are the victim of workplace […]

California workplace seating laws

Your employer has a lot of control in the workplace, but do not forget that you have several rights as an employee. Your employer needs to pay you properly, give you adequate breaks, protect you from discrimination, and keep your workplace safe. In many cases, your employer also needs to provide you with a place […]

severance pay california

Have you been terminated from your job and are wondering whether your employer is giving you everything you’re entitled to? Have you heard about severance pay and wondered what it is? How is severance pay calculated? Read on to learn more about severance pay laws in California. What Is Severance Pay? Upon termination of your […]

exempt vs non-exempt CA

When employers fail to properly distinguish between their non-exempt and exempt employees under federal and California labor laws, non-exempt employees frequently go underpaid. In addition, the employer profits from avoiding minimum wage and overtime laws. In such cases, the employees may have a claim against their employer for back wages and statutory penalties. Navigating employment […]

how to prove disability discrimination

Are you a qualified employee or job applicant who happens to have a disability? If so, you should have the same access to job opportunities and work benefits as everyone else. You should also be treated with respect.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act protect individuals with […]

You may wonder how many hours are considered part-time in California and how time clock laws affect your rights. Read on to determine whether your employer violated time clock laws in determining part-time hours in California. California employees possess a legal right to compensation in the event their employers violate time clock laws. The Fair […]

california minimum wage laws

Do you know the minimum wage laws in California? If not, it’s good to inform yourself. You can prevent an employer from taking advantage of you with some knowledge. Or you can hold an employer accountable for wage theft. The rate for minimum wage in California is significantly higher than the federal rate. If you […]

family medical leave act cailfornia

We spend a lot of time at work. But what happens when your personal life demands more of your time than work allows you to give? You can apply for leave and job protection with the Family and Medical Leave Act in California. Requests for personal leave can be fraught with technicalities, but the experienced […]

The Affordable Care Act reduced the full-time threshold from 40 hours to 30 hours regarding when certain employers must offer healthcare. Outside of the ACA, however, it is still up to the states to decide minimum hours for full-time work. Are you wondering, What is considered full-time in California? It is still 40 hours weekly. […]