Several People Injured in 20-Car Pile-Up on 10 Freeway in Yucaipa

20 car pile up in Yucaipa

Yucaipa, CA (February 23, 2023) — The icy conditions brought by a large snow storm moving across Southern California Wednesday night led to a 20-vehicle pile-up on the 10 Freeway. According to officials from Caltrans, the accident occurred at around 11 PM near Wildwood Canyon Road in Yucaipa. They stated that the crash was caused by piles of icy slush, which made the roads hazardous.

Several people were injured in the accident and hospitalized. However, their conditions are unknown. Due to the size of the pile-up, all lanes of the freeway were briefly shut down but have since reopened. 

This accident comes as mountain communities in the county are bracing for more severe winter weather. For the first time since 1989, Los Angeles County is setting a blizzard warning, which goes into effect on Friday at 4:00 AM. “We are anticipating getting a lot of snow,” warns Cal Fire Battalion Chief Grant Malinowski. “Down here in the city, where we don’t necessarily have chain-control, folks just need to be very cognizant to drive slow, drive careful . . . stay home if you can.”

Source: ABC7

Our California Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here for You

At Starpoint Law, our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this crash. While accidents related to winter weather conditions aren’t common here in Southern California, we know that any car accident in Yucaipa or any other town can have life changing consequences. Whether you have been injured in this crash or one similar, it’s essential that you know your legal options. 

Understanding Your Claim

In accidents that involve several vehicles, figuring out who is responsible for your injuries, let alone what damages you may claim, is a daunting task. However, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. This means examining all the possible options for filing a claim and figuring out the extent of your losses. We look at both economic and non-economic damages you may have suffered due to the crash, including:

  • Hospitalization,
  • Medical treatment,
  • Property damage,
  • Reduced earning capacity,
  • Loss of consortium,
  • Loss of enjoyment,
  • Mental anguish, and
  • Pain and suffering.

The way that injuries affect you is unique. That’s why we look at all aspects of your injury, from short-term losses to long-term effects. Some injuries may be temporary, but others are life changing, and it’s important to know how they will affect you down the road.

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Whether you were injured in this 20-car pile-up on 10 Freeway or another accident in Southern California, know that you aren’t alone. Our knowledgeable auto accident attorneys understand how devastating crash injuries can be for victims and their families. We are here to answer any questions you have about your claim and help your recovery in any way we can. To schedule a free consultation, please give us a call at 310-424-9971 or send us a message. 

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