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california workplace discrimination laws

Discrimination in the workplace against employees who belong to certain classes is illegal in California. Unfortunately, some victims think that getting justice for workplace discrimination is too complicated. So they just drop the issue. If you’re feeling discriminated against at work, Starpoint Employment Law has provided this easy-to-follow guide to help you decide if you […]

how much compensation can you get for wrongful termination

If you have suffered the stress and burdens of wrongful termination, you’re probably looking for easy answers to your questions about your legal options. A big question is, how much compensation can you get for wrongful termination in a complaint or lawsuit? This question does not have an easy answer because award amounts for wrongful […]

Being wrongfully terminated from your job can be devastating and hard to process, but you must act quickly to protect your rights after termination. You have limited time to file a complaint or lawsuit for wrongful termination before you lose your right to receive compensation. This limited amount of time is called a statute of […]

what is quid pro quo california

The phrase “quid pro quo” is Latin for “what for what” or “something for something.” In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one thing of value in return for another thing of value. Quid pro quo is a basic element of contract formation.  Is quid pro quo illegal? It can be, […]

employment laws california

The pandemic and focus on social issues in 2020 brought to light many holes in worker protections nationwide. The state legislature updated California employee laws to shift focus to greater worker protections. This article explores some of the more important updates to California employment law. Minimum Wage California minimum wage increases to $15.00 by the […]

fired in california what to do

Being fired from a job can be a harrowing experience, especially when an employee has done nothing wrong. In many cases, employees leave the job site unaware that they are entitled to certain benefits. In addition, because California presumes most employment relationships are at will, a recently terminated employee may be under the mistaken belief […]

When employers fail to properly distinguish between their non-exempt and exempt employees under federal and California labor laws, non-exempt employees frequently go underpaid. In addition, the employer profits from avoiding minimum wage and overtime laws. In such cases, the employees may have a claim against their employer for back wages and statutory penalties. Navigating employment […]

at will employment california

If you recently lost your job, we’re sorry, and we imagine you have plenty of questions. Many recently terminated employees who want to file wrongful termination claims in California are probably asking, is California an at-will state? Generally, the answer is yes. But don’t give up on a wrongful termination suit just because many jobs […]

The Affordable Care Act reduced the full-time threshold from 40 hours to 30 hours regarding when certain employers must offer healthcare. Outside of the ACA, however, it is still up to the states to decide minimum hours for full-time work. Are you wondering, What is considered full-time in California? It is still 40 hours weekly. […]

Independent Contractors v Employees in California

Employment classification can significantly impact a worker’s legal rights in California. Unfortunately, employers frequently misclassify employees as independent contractors as a way to avoid providing benefits required by law. In this article, we’ll take a close look at what makes a worker an independent contractor vs an employee in California and why it matters. If […]