Filing Lyft Accident Claims

lyft accident claims

If you are in a car accident that involves you as one driver and a private citizen as the other driver, you may have a fairly developed understanding of how to navigate the claims process.

But if you are involved in an accident with a Lyft vehicle, you may be less confident about how to file a claim and who will pay for any damages you have suffered, whether you were acting as a passenger within the Lyft, or the driver of the other vehicle involved.

Fortunately, filing a Lyft accident claim doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, especially when you work with a qualified legal professional.

Consider the following, and call our team at Starpoint LC with any further questions you have--

Who’s Responsible for the Crash?

The first thing that you will need to determine after a Lyft accident is whose fault caused the crash. This is because California is an at-fault car insurance state, and liability for accidents is based on negligence. Potentially at-fault parties might include:

  • The Lyft driver;
  • You (if you were driving your own vehicle and your own negligence caused the crash);
  • A third-party driver; or
  • Even a separate third party, such as the manufacturer of a defective vehicle, the party responsible for road or sign maintenance, etc..

In order to determine whose fault caused the crash, a thorough investigation may be necessary. Our lawyers can assist by conducting an investigation on your behalf when fault is unclear or disputed.

This might include analyzing physical evidence, working with accident reconstruction experts, collecting eyewitnesses’ testimonies, and more.

What Insurance Coverage Is Available?

Proving the fault of the responsible party is not enough to ensure that you will recover the compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses that you have suffered; you must also be sure that the at-fault party has enough coverage to pay for your losses.

All drivers in California are required to carry bodily injury liability insurance in minimum amounts of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident, and property damage liability insurance in an amount of $5,000.

In addition to the minimum amounts for all drivers, Lyft drivers have additional coverage. Lyft offers their drivers coverage that goes into effect at the time that a driver accepts a ride and continues until the time that the ride has ended.

This coverage includes contingency liability coverage, primary automobile liability coverage (of $1 million), contingent comprehensive and collision coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

How to File a Claim

If your accident was caused by a Lyft driver, then it is against the Lyft insurance policy that you will file your auto accident claim for damages.

It is strongly recommended that you provide both your own insurance company and Lyft notice of the accident with 24 hours of the accident’s occurrence.

If you have questions about how to file a claim against Lyft or what the role of your own insurance company is during the process, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney for guidance.

Negotiating Your Lyft Settlement

Pursuing damages against a large insurance company may be intimidating, and if you have been injured and are eager to move forward with your life and put the accident behind you, you may be tempted to accept any settlement that you are offered.

However, remember that insurance companies are infamous for lowballing settlements, especially when they sense desperation. Know that you have the right to reject a Lyft settlement and negotiate for a settlement that reflects the full value of your economic and noneconomic losses.

Our Lawyers Are Here to Help after a Lyft Driver Accident

The process of being involved in an accident seeking vehicle repairs, getting treatment for injuries, and figuring out the future can be overwhelming, especially if your injuries are severe.

While you may initially feel as though the fact that your accident involved a Lyft vehicle is just one more hurdle that you have to overcome, our lawyers want to provide you with reassurance that Lyft car insurance claims are not as complicated as they may appear, especially when navigated by an experienced legal professional.

At the office of Starpoint LC, our lawyers are dedicated to our clients’ best interests and are ready to sit down with you to discuss your accident in more detail today. Before you accept a settlement from Lyft, please call our lawyers for a free consultation about your options and more information about how we can help. We are available online or by phone.

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