I Was Injured in an Uber Car Accident as a Passenger, What Should I Do Next?

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Ridesharing has exploded in popularity.

Many consumers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California rely on companies like Uber to provide cost-effective and reliable transportation.

Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that your Uber might be involved in a serious accident.

Alarmingly, a study published by MIT Technology Review found that Uber and Lyft may even be a factor in the recent sharp rise in traffic accident fatalities in the United States.

Following an Uber accident, injured passengers need to know how to take the proper steps to protect their rights.

Ride-sharing passenger accident claims are notoriously complicated.

The major ride-sharing companies such as Uber do not always make things easy on injured victims.

Here, our top-rated Los Angeles auto accident lawyer highlights the most important things that injured Uber passengers need to do after being involved in a traffic collision.

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Four Steps to Take After an Uber Accident | A Guide for Passengers

Get Emergency Medical Attention

Emergency medical needs must always come first. Please protect your health and wellbeing. If you suffered a serious injury in an Uber accident in Los Angeles, it is critically important that you seek immediate medical assistance.

In addition, any injured Uber car accident passenger should always be sure to follow up with medical care. Often, auto accident injuries come with a delayed onset. You may wake up in a few days and realize that you are far more severely injured than you thought.

In addition to that, you will not be able to pursue a personal injury claim unless you have visited a doctor.

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Contact the Police and Try to Secure Relevant Evidence

Under California state law, all accidents that result in injuries should be reported to law enforcement. The duty to report that crash to the police falls on the Uber driver and any other motorist involved in the wreck.

That being said, injured passengers have a strong interest in making sure that their crash is reported to the police.

An officer should be dispatched to write an official report. This report will serve as evidence for your case. To the best of your ability, you should also try to secure other forms of evidence after the crash.

Among other things, this includes taking photographs, getting vehicle information, and getting contact information from any witnesses.

Report the Accident to Uber

As soon as possible after a crash, injured Uber passengers should report the incident to the ridesharing company. This can be done through your Uber app or through Uber’s online accident report form.

In filling out this form, you should only provide the basics. At this time, your duty is to let the company know that a crash occurred and that you were involved.

You are not required to give comprehensive details. You may receive a quick call from an Uber representative or an insurance adjuster; please know that you do not need to give an official statement.

In fact, before giving a statement to Uber or its representatives, you should consult with a top-rated car accident lawyer. 

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Uber insurance coverage for passengers provides $1,000,000 in commercial accident protection. In addition, California has enacted strict insurance regulations for ridesharing companies.

Uber should not be able to escape liability for a passenger’s injuries. Unfortunately, Uber and its insurers are notoriously aggressive in handling these claims. Injured passengers should not go up against a large ridesharing company all alone.

If you were hurt in an accident as an Uber passenger, it is imperative that you set up a free consultation with a lawyer before you give a statement to Uber. Your lawyer will protect your rights. 

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