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hostile work environment california

The workplace can be many things, but it should never be hostile. Under California and federal laws, your employer can be held liable for your pain, suffering, and financial losses if they condone or participate in harassment that creates a hostile environment.  We can help you win justice if you are the victim of workplace […]

penalty for late final paychecks CA labor code 203

Whether you are a new employee, an established employee, or an employee on their way out the door, your employer must pay you on time. And California Labor Code section 203 penalizes employers if they do not timely pay employees who are fired or quit. If you are waiting on final payment after leaving your […]

Double time vs Overtime

An employer that refuses to comply with California double time laws and overtime laws commits wage theft and owes you money. California’s double-time laws are generous compared to federal law and the laws in several other states. Not only do double-time laws in California demand that employers pay non-exempt employees an overtime premium in more […]

The Affordable Care Act reduced the full-time threshold from 40 hours to 30 hours regarding when certain employers must offer healthcare. Outside of the ACA, however, it is still up to the states to decide minimum hours for full-time work. Are you wondering, What is considered full-time in California? It is still 40 hours weekly. […]

california's at will law

Employers often hold a lot of power when it comes to making decisions about employees. But just because your employer has a lot of power in the workplace, it doesn’t mean you should take whatever treatment they throw your way. This also applies if your employer fires you. Even if you were terminated from an […]

when to sue a rehab clinic

When they are hurting, many people turn to an alcohol or drug rehab facility for help in treating their addiction. This makes rehab facilities vital resources for people suffering from addiction who want to improve their lives, but it’s important to realize that these places are healthcare facilities that deal with a vulnerable population. As […]


We want to tell you more about California motorcycle laws and what you can do if you are involved in a motorcycle collision. If you are considering purchasing a new motorcycle, it is extremely important to understand your responsibilities under California law. Motorcyclists in the state must adhere to specific motorcycle license requirements, as well […]

minimum wage laws in california

One of the first things you should know before you start any job in California is what the current California minimum wage laws are. Understanding the state’s rules for paying employees can save you from predatory employers and help you negotiate for your worth in work settings. So, what is the minimum wage in California? […]

California statute of limitation for wrongful termination

Being wrongfully terminated from your job can be devastating and hard to process, but you must act quickly to protect your rights after termination. You have limited time to file a complaint or lawsuit for wrongful termination before you lose your right to receive compensation. This limited amount of time is called a statute of […]