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how many hours is part-time in california

You may wonder how many hours are considered part-time in California and how time clock laws affect your rights. Read on to determine whether your employer violated time clock laws in determining part-time hours in California. California employees possess a legal right to compensation in the event their employers violate time clock laws. The Fair […]

where do most car accidents happen

The number of police-reported traffic crashes decreased from 6.1 million in 2021 to 5.93 million in 2022. Despite the decrease, 2.38 million people still suffered injuries in motor vehicle collisions. Therefore, many people end up suffering injuries in a car accident at some point in their lives. But where do most car accidents happen? Generally, urban areas see more […]

legal rights of independent contractors

The gig economy is expanding. Many people are working freelance, platform-based, and task-focused jobs. Others have started their own businesses and are self-employed. Many of these work as independent contractors (also known as 1099 employees based on the related tax form number).  Independent contractor jobs allow for greater flexibility and entrepreneurial creativity. However, independent contractors […]

can I sue my employer for false promises

Did you move across the country to start a new job only to realize the new employer did not give you the benefits, salary, title, or location they said they would? Your employer may have intentionally misled you to get you to take the job. As an employee, you might ask, Can I sue my […]

The Affordable Care Act reduced the full-time threshold from 40 hours to 30 hours regarding when certain employers must offer healthcare. Outside of the ACA, however, it is still up to the states to decide minimum hours for full-time work. Are you wondering, What is considered full-time in California? In California, full-time employment is typically […]

mistake that can ruin your car accident lawsuit

Most drivers know that there are some important things they should do after a car accident: for example, call 911, get injured people to safety, and exchange insurance information.  But what’s often less obvious to drivers? What not to do after a crash. In the confusion after an accident, it’s easy to fall prey to common mistakes […]

signs of workplace discrimination

A lot of people assume that job discrimination is mostly a thing of the past. Thanks to state and federal anti-discrimination laws, it’s no longer so easy for employers to let racial, gender, or religious bias dictate whom they hire and fire. But just because job discrimination is illegal doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Today, […]

personal injury lawyers los angeles

My name is Aidan Ghavimi – I am a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. I wrote this post to be a resource for folks who need to hire an injury attorney but don’t know anyone personally who can make a referral. Toward that end, below you will find a list of 7 personal injury lawyers (yours truly excluded) […]

On-Call Pay in California

California designed its on-call pay laws to balance employees' needs with employers' demands. As a result, whether on-call time is compensable depends on several factors. When it comes to on-call pay in California, on-call time is compensable based on the extent to which being on-call restricts an employee's freedom during the on-call period. Other determining […]

how long does it take to get settlement money from a car accident

The time it takes to finish a car accident lawsuit can depend on whether it ends in a settlement or a trial. Although many people expect to take their case to court, it is rather unlikely that your case will go to trial. The majority of car accident lawsuits will settle before ever reaching trial. […]