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Slipping or tripping on something and suddenly finding yourself on the ground is terrifying.

The older you get, the higher the risk of more severe injuries too. 

At Starpoint Law, we understand how a slip-and-fall accident impacts your life.

If your injuries resulted from a property or business owner’s negligence, you might have the right to pursue a compensation claim.

Contact with a slip-and-fall lawyer Sherman Oaks today. When you meet our firm, we’ll review your documentation and help you decide on the best course of legal action. 

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall in California

Proving the defendant is liable for your injuries requires a thorough investigation and substantial evidence.

You must verify that a dangerous condition on the property presented a hazard to you and other visitors.

You need to show the owner was aware the condition existed or should’ve known about it and completed repairs or warned you about it. 

A property owner should have actual notice or constructive notice. Actual notice is when the owner sees the hazard or creates a dangerous condition.

Constructive notice is when the hazard has been there long enough that someone should’ve already seen it, had it fixed, or had a warning posted. 

Insurance companies scrutinize slip and fall cases closely because some present false claims. You shouldn’t let this dissuade you from bringing a claim.

However, you should work with a trip and fall lawyer in Sherman Oaks.

You need a legal advocate who can protect your rights and isn’t afraid to stand up to these big companies and landowners.

Common Hazards that Lead to Slip and Fall Claims

Numerous dangerous conditions and hazards can lead to a viable slip and fall claim. Some of these conditions include: 

  • Wet floors and walkways;
  • Liquids spilled on the floor;
  • Broken or uneven pavement in parking lots or on sidewalks;
  • Loose, missing, or broken handrails;
  • Loose, torn, or ripped carpeting;
  • Broken or uneven staircases;
  • Loose, ripped, or otherwise damaged rugs;
  • Poor lighting in stairwells or walkways; and
  • Malfunctioning elevators or escalators. 

Sometimes, the property owner might not have the chance to inspect and fix the hazard before you fall.

For example, if someone spilled something in the grocery store and you fell seconds later, the store is not likely liable for your injuries.

However, if the store did not clean up the spill for several hours, you probably have a valid claim. If you were injured in any of these common conditions you should contact a slip and fall lawyer Sherman Oaks today.

Types of Compensation in a Sherman Oaks Slip and Fall 

Understandably, prospective clients want to know what compensation they are eligible to receive.

Every claim is different, so the compensation you can pursue might differ from someone else’s.

In general, you have the right to demand payment for:

  • Medical expenses to date,
  • Future medical costs,
  • Lost wages,
  • Future loss of earning capacity,
  • Disability and disfigurement,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Emotional distress. 

When an accident victim dies from their injuries, surviving family members might have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit differ because compensation is for the losses of surviving family members rather than the deceased’s financial losses and other damages.

Speak with an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Sherman Oaks to learn more. 

Can You Collect Damages If You Had Any Fault?

California is a pure comparative negligence state. That’s important to know because it impacts your potential compensation.

You might still receive compensation for your injuries, but it won’t be 100%. Your compensation decreases proportionately to your percentage of fault.

For example, your case goes to trial, and a jury decides you are 10% at fault. You will receive 90% of your damages.

If the jury decided you were 45% at fault, you would receive only 55% of your damages. 

Building a solid case that shows the property owner was liable is crucial. You need a legal advocate who understands what’s at stake here.

Choose a slip-and-fall law firm in Sherman Oaks, CA. Not all personal injury lawyers practice premises liability or have trial experience with these cases.

While the attorney might be very good with certain personal injury cases, choosing someone without slip-and-fall experience could backfire.

You might lose an important liability argument, which could cost you a significant amount of money.

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We aren’t afraid to go up against defendants with significant financial resources or who have an in-house legal department backing them. 

Our lawyers have worked hard to build a reputation for success. Unlike some other firms, we are very selective about the cases we take.

Our legal team takes only cases we are confident we can win, which is why we’ve never lost a case.

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