Sisters Killed in Accident Caused by Run Stop Sign

Accident Caused by Run Stop Sign

Chowchilla, CA — Two women were killed in a fatal accident in the evening on Wednesday, August 21st. According to reports, a vacationing British family traveling to Yosemite National Park ran a stop sign, causing the accident.

Martina Gudino Vargas, 50, and Gregoria Gudino Vargas, 45, were the two victims in the crash. The two sisters were driving their Saturn van around 6 p.m when it was struck by a rental car driven by 55-year-old Agnelo Dsouza and carrying his wife and two adult sons. The mini van was knocked against a power pole.

Dsouza and his wife were both airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. The two sons were also injured, though the severity of their injuries is unknown. Two other passengers in the mini van were also treated for moderate injuries at an area hospital.

So far, authorities have not determined why Dsouza failed to stop at the stop sign, and the crash remains under investigation.

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Source: The Sun

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