Family Seeks Answers Following Last Month’s Runaway Tire Accident On 10 Freeway

Runaway Tire Accident On 10 Freeway

Irvine, CA (August 13, 2019) — Former LA news reporter and anchor Evan Folan, 26, of Huntington Beach, is fighting to recover from severe brain trauma and critical injuries sustained after his car was struck by a runaway tire on the 10 Freeway on Tuesday July 23rd.  

According to the California Highway Patrol, at about 2:30 p.m. that afternoon, Folan was driving eastbound on the 10 Freeway west of Herbert Avenue when a tire bounced over the center divider of the freeway, striking his vehicle head-on.

The tire ripped through Folan's windshield, forcing first responders to extract him from the car, said the CHP. 

Reports say Folan suffered a brain bleed, fractured skull, two broken vertebrae, a loss of hearing and a “boxer's fracture” on his left hand.  

He also received staples on the side of his head, stitches from left ear to cheek and severe bruising across his body, according to reports.  

Following the accident, Folan was treated at the LAC USC Medical Center,  where he spent more than a week in intensive care before being moved to a rehab center, where he is working to rebuild his short-term memory, said family.  

More than three weeks after the crash, his family is left wondering why more hasn’t been done to find out where the tire came from.   

A CHP spokesperson told the media Monday that, based on lack of information, they have closed off this investigation.   

"We were told had Evan been killed, they'd have an entire different level of investigation," said Folan’s father, Steve Folan.

The Folan family expressed gratitude for an unidentified off-duty emergency responder who reportedly stopped to help immediately following the accident.

"He held Evan's head and he talked to him and he helped Evan not bleed out. He saved Evan's life. I'm convinced of it," Sharon Folan said.

The family is convinced prayer, unity and hard work will get Evan through this, but they still want to know why that tire was out there.

"Not just for Evan and us for closure, but for people on the road driving," Steve Folan said.

We will update this post as more information becomes available.  

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Source: ABC7

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