Best Dog Bite Lawyers in Los Angeles (2024 Picks)

My name is Aidan Ghavimi – I am a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer. I wrote this post to be a resource for folks who need to hire an attorney but don’t know anyone personally who can make a referral. Toward that end, below you will find a list of 6 dog bite lawyers (yours truly excluded) who I personally endorse.

Best Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorneys Los Angeles

Working with a talented Los Angeles dog bite injury lawyer can make all the difference in your recovery journey.

If you need a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles, the advocates at Starpoint Law can help.

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best representation possible.

So, if, for any reason, we can’t represent you, we encourage you to consider another Los Angeles dog bite lawyer on this list.

Our picks are well-equipped to handle your case’s complexities and will help ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Ready to Seek Justice for Your Dog Bite Injury in Los Angeles? Reach Out to Starpoint Law 24/7 for Qualified Legal Guidance.

Our Choices for the Best Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer

1. Starpoint Law—Aidin Ghavimi

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Aidin Ghavimi

A fierce proponent of justice, Aidin Ghavimi graduated from Loyola Law School and co-established Starpoint Attorneys.

His round-the-clock client availability and significant pro bono contributions highlight his unparalleled commitment to justice.

Boasting several multimillion-dollar settlements, he is a staunch defender of personal and catastrophic injury victims and is ready to leverage his expertise to secure a settlement for you.

When you need a top-tier dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles, advocate Ghavimi is an excellent option.

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2. M.R. Parker Law Trial Attorneys—Carla Green

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Carla Green

With nearly a decade of litigation experience, Carla Green is a notable trial attorney.

Her academic accomplishments from the University of Phoenix and the University of Southern California Law and impressive awards make Green a formidable choice.

If we cannot represent you, Carla Green is a highly recommended alternative.

3. Parris Law Firm—Rex Parris

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Rex Parris is a titan in the personal injury arena, boasting an exceptional success rate.

He has dedicated decades to aiding the injured.

We can attest to his expertise and skill based on our personal experiences referring cases to him.

4. Feher Law—Thomas S. Feher

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Thomas Feher

A founding member of Feher Law, Feher’s specialty is handling catastrophic injuries.

His excellent track record throughout his personal injury career speaks volumes about his expertise.

When you need a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles with significant trial experience, Feher is a strong contender.

5. M.R. Parker Law Trial Attorneys—Kenneth Shy

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Kenneth Shy

Kenneth Shy is a lead trial attorney for M.R. Parker Law, and he has acquired millions for his clients.

His background in defense has honed his skills.

So, if, for any reason, we can’t represent you, we wholeheartedly recommend Shy as your Los Angeles dog bite accident lawyer.

6. Alexandroff Law Group—Victor Alexandroff, ESQ

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Victor Alexandroff

Victor Alexandroff began his career as an insurance defense firm associate.

This means he knows how the opposition thinks, which puts him at a distinct advantage in negotiations.

Because of this inside knowledge, he is a beacon of hope for people seeking personal injury compensation.

With a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School, his decades-long experience makes him a formidable advocate for victims of dog bite injuries.

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