High-Speed Chase in Redondo Ends with Suspect Violently Crashing Into Parked Cars

High-Speed Chase in Redondo Ends Violently

In a deadly week on California’s roads that saw a string of violence including a nationally televised hi-speed police chase and shootout in Redondo Beach, there was another shocking accident caught on camera in Redondo.

The accident, caught by security camera on May 12 at Blackwelder Street and Redondo Boulevard in Los Angeles, is currently under investigation.   

In the video, a large grey Dodge RAM pickup is seen speeding through the streets of a residential neighborhood in excess of 80-90 mph.  The suspect was reportedly trying to outrun authorities.

The truck is shown veering sideways and violently slamming into multiple parked cars at high velocity on a street lined with parked cars.  The truck may have also may have hit the driver of a Honda CRV.

There are no witnesses or suspects in the crash.  Details of the investigation have not been made public at this time.

Source: Carscoops

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