Fiery Crash in Uptown Whittier Killing an Innocent Drive

Fiery Crash  in Uptown Whittier Killing an Innocent Drive

Uptown Whittier (February 18, 2018) -A Whittier police chase resulted in a fiery car crash on Monday.

The chase killed an innocent driver, according to local authorities.

The chase began around 11:00 a.m. after an officer saw a potential incident of road rage near the intersection of Greenleaf Avenue and Whittier Boulevard.

The officer attempted to pull the aggressor over but, the driver refused creating a short chase throughout the streets of Uptown Whittier.

While police were in pursuit, the suspect tried to ram into three patrol cars. Police had to do their best to avoid collision and other drivers on the road.

Minutes later the pursuit ended when the suspect crashed into a vehicle not involved in the chase near Wardman Street and Newlin Avenue.

Videos from bystanders showed the suspect’s car consumed by flames. The suspect got out of the burning car and fled the scene but, was captured by police soon after.

Local firefighters took the suspect and the other driver involved to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital the suspect was detained and in stable condition. Police were able to identify the suspect as Kevin Vargas, a 34-year-old from Santa Fe Springs. Once in jail, Vargas will most likely face suspicion of crimes that include assault with deadly weapon and evading police. The other driver involved in the crash later past away at the hospital from his injuries.

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