7 Car DUI Crash on Hwy 180 Prompts CHP to Increase Patrols

7 Car DUI Crash on Highway 180 Increasing Patrols

FRESNO - CHP closed parts of Highway 180 near Temperance Avenue Sunday night in the aftermath of a seven-car pileup. According to officers, a 19-year old man driving under the influence of drugs caused the pileup.

The man was driving eastbound on 180, when he hit one vehicle, then crossed over the grass median. He then continued eastbound, driving the wrong way in the westbound side of the highway. The crash ultimately involved seven vehicles.

The accident put the man in the hospital with major injuries and he now faces DUI charges. Numerous others, including a baby, were hospitalized, also with life-threatening injuries.

CHP has now increased patrols on this stretch of highway to crack down on reckless and distracted driving. Vic Taylor of California Highway Patrol said in the past year, officers responded to more than 40 accidents along this 8 mile stretch of highway. Many crashes are caused not by highway conditions, but bad driving behavior.

Accidents in this area have resulted from drinking and driving, distracted driving, speeding and running stop signs.

CHP will increase patrols and focus on “saturation enforcement,” ticketing people for illegal driving behaviors before they end up in a major collision. The department has effectively used this technique in the past to reduce bad driving behaviors.

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Source: ABC30
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