Most Popular Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

popular personal injury lawyer los angeles

If you’re looking for the most popular personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, the lawyers at Starpoint Law are well known for helping their clients recover compensation for their serious injuries.

Being seriously injured in a car or truck accident can turn your life upside down and affect your job, your ability to pay your bills, and your family. 

You probably have a lot of questions. We are only a quick phone call away, and we’ll answer your questions and begin the process of fighting for your rights.

Our firm’s popularity is based on how well we communicate with our clients. You will always know the status of your case and what will happen next.

What Can a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

If you have been seriously injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or if you were hit by a car as a pedestrian, it’s worth your while to hire the most successful personal injury lawyer you can find.

That’s where Starpoint Law comes in. We have some of the most popular personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles because we can demonstrate results.

We know what it takes to successfully represent the seriously injured in complex and difficult cases.

You can see some of our successful results from prior cases. We will use the same knowledge, skills, and resources in your case as we do with all of our successful outcomes.

From Starpoint Law, you can expect a dedicated and aggressive legal team that will:

  • Immediately begin investigating the accident and collecting evidence;
  • Track down and contact all individuals, companies, and insurance providers that could potentially be responsible for your injuries, no matter how large they are;
  • Contact all witnesses to the incident and obtain their recorded statements so, over time, as their memories fade, their versions of the facts will still be accurate;
  • Obtain all medical records, doctor’s reports, diagnostic tests, and physical therapy records to demonstrate the extent of injuries;
  • If necessary, hire an accident reconstruction expert to prove that the at-fault defendant is held responsible for their negligence;
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to attempt to settle the case for fair and full compensation for your injuries and economic losses; and
  • If necessary, draft and file a lawsuit against all negligent and responsible parties.

You will know what is going on every step of the way. We are aggressive with our cases and push them to either settlement or lawsuit as quickly as possible.

Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles?

To find the most popular personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, contact Starpoint Law for a free initial consultation.

We will treat you with honesty and compassion and make sure you understand what is happening in every stage of your case.

We focus our practice on helping seriously injured people, so let us help you!

Call us at 310-424-9971 or send us a message online to schedule a free consultation.

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Aidin Ghavimi

Aidin is a partner at Starpoint LC, Attorneys at Law, and focuses on personal injury and employment law cases in and around Southern California. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the Loyola School of Law and his Bachelor’s from USC. Aidin’s primary goal is to bring justice to his clients and to ensure they are able to move on with their lives after a serious injury.

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