Study: The Most Dangerous Intersections in Southern California

Top 10 Cities With the Highest Number of Crashes at an Intersection

dangerous intersections

Dangerous Intersections Grouped By City

  1. Santa Ana
    • 72 crashes (20.9%)
    • 2017 Population: 334,136
  2. Newport Beach
    • 38 crashes (11%)
    • 2017 Population: 86,160
  3. Downey
    • 36 crashes (10.5%)
    • 2017 Population: 113,092
  4. Pala
    1. 34 crashes (9.9%)
    2. *2018 Population: 977
  5. Anaheim
    • 30 crashes (8.7%)
    • 2017 Population: 352,497
  6. Fullerton
    • 30 crashes (8.7%)
    • 2017 Population: 140,392
  7. Norwalk
    • 30 crashes (8.7%)
    • 2017 Population: 106,084
  8. Mission Vejo
    • 26 crashes (8.4%)
    • 2017 Population: 96,016
  9. Riverside
    • 24 crashes (7.7%)
    • 2017 Population: 327,728
  10. San Bernadino
    • 24 crashes (7.7%)
    • 2017 Population: 216,995

Population source: United Census Bureau

*population not confirmed by US Census Bureau

Distracted driving, whether from a cell phone or other passengers, can be one of the most dangerous hazards on the road. 

This is especially true when it comes to intersections because they involve a high volume of traffic crossing directly in front of traffic coming from another direction.

While stop signs and traffic signals do a great job directing drivers, all it takes is just one person not paying attention to cause an accident. 

Although they can occur anywhere, California is unfortunately home to some of the most dangerous intersections in the country.

Accidents happen here due to a variety of reasons including distracted driving, negligence, pedestrians in the road, and other similar factors. 

To find out where the most dangerous intersections are, Starpoint Law analyzed crash data from 2015-2017 for several major intersections

There is no way to completely prevent these crashes from happening, but in our effort to keep the roads as safe as possible we can help educate drivers to make them more aware and cautious in these dangerous areas.

Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in California based on the data we found.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in So. California

#1 - Rosencrans Ave. & Garfield Ave.

This busy intersection in Paramount is right in the middle of a large commercial development of retail stores, auto repair shops, and restaurants. 

In our study, we found that 44 crashes occurred over two years at this intersection where Garfield crosses two lanes of Rosencrans, making it the most dangerous intersection in California.

#2 - Sierra Highway & Soledad Canyon Road

The second most dangerous intersection is found in Santa Clarita where the Sierra Highway crosses Soledad Canyon Road. 

With at least three lanes crossing in every direction, it’s no wonder there were 40 crashes at this intersection in our data.

#3 - W. Balboa Blvd. / Superior Ave. & Pacific Coast Highway

This intersection in Newport Beach, where Balboa Blvd. turns into Superior Ave. if you’re traveling north, involves crossing the busy Pacific Coast Highway. 

According to our data, there were 38 crashes here during the two-year period in our study, making it the third most dangerous intersection in the state.

#4 - Firestone Blvd. & Lakewood Blvd.

This intersection is right in the middle of Downey, CA, and experienced 36 crashes according to our study. There are several lanes going both ways, meaning it’s extra important to pay attention—even when your light is green.

#5 - Pala Mission Road & Pala Temecula Road

The fifth most dangerous intersection in California is in Pala at Pala Mission and Pala Temecula.This intersection saw 34 crashes between 2015 and 2017. This location has faster moving traffic on the main road meeting and crossing smaller roads, making it a busy spot liable to experience accidents.

Other Notable Intersections That Proved Dangerous Based on Our Study

  • 4th & Gaffey, Los Angeles: 33 crashes
  • Imperial Highway & Jersey Ave., Norwalk: 30 crashes
  • 1st & Elk, Santa Ana: 25 crashes
  • 41st & Central, Los Angeles: 23 crashes

While these are the most dangerous intersection in California, that does not mean they are the only areas where accidents can happen. 

No matter how safe you drive, accidents are always a possibility, so it’s imperative to stay aware and stay cautious while your drive.

If you or a loved one were injured in a traffic accident, don’t hesitate to contact the car accident lawyers at Starpoint Law today for a free case review

Our experienced and dedicated team can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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