10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Pursuing a legal action can be overwhelming. However, if the negligence of another person has injured you, you are entitled to compensation.

You need an experienced attorney to address your concerns, explain the legal process, and represent your interests.

As you take the step of finding representation, here are ten frequently asked questions you should ask a personal injury lawyer.

1. What Experience Do You Have with Personal Injury Cases?

Ask this question to retain an attorney who regularly handles personal injury cases and has a support staff capable and qualified to represent you.

2. What Will My Costs Be in Pursuing This Personal Injury Case?

While some attorneys are paid only if the client wins, this is not always the case. Therefore, it’s important to find out all potential costs of hiring the attorney.

3. How Will You Prioritize My Case?

Ask about the lawyer’s current caseload to ensure they have time to devote to you.

4. What Is the Process of Suing Someone for Personal Injury in Los Angeles?

Investigating, negotiating, and possibly going to trial may come into play, and the lawyer should explain each of these steps.

5. What Questions Will Lawyers Ask Me?

To help prepare you, the attorney should present some of the questions the defendant's attorney may ask in a deposition (a proceeding to collect evidence).

6. How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take?

Having an idea of the time frame for the case can help you plan accordingly and alleviate some of the stress litigation brings. 

7. Will I Have to Go to a Court?

The attorney should be able to address why your personal injury case may settle or go to court.

8. Am I Going to Win My Case?

Though an experienced, honest lawyer never guarantees a legal outcome, your attorney can discuss likelihoods.

9. How Much Money Will I Receive If I Win?

Like question eight, a lawyer should not guarantee an outcome, but they can answer this in general terms once they have all information about your case.

10. What Do I Need to Do Next?

The lawyer should tell you your next steps, including what documents and information you need to collect. 

You need to find a personal injury lawyer with experience and a track record of success. Ask the questions above so that you fully understand your personal injury case and engage a qualified legal advocate.

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Aidin is a partner at Starpoint LC, Attorneys at Law, and focuses on personal injury and employment law cases in and around Southern California. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the Loyola School of Law and his Bachelor’s from USC. Aidin’s primary goal is to bring justice to his clients and to ensure they are able to move on with their lives after a serious injury.

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